Condo HOA & Co-ops

Keep Your Community Running Smoothly


Here are the most popular services for condominium associations, home-owner associations, and housing cooperatives. In any shared-interest community, the group needs to be able to make decisions together. Solid, easily understood financial and planning information is critical staying on track and moving forward together. Whether your community is facing serious challenges or looking to save money and improve your efficiency, Corrigan Consulting will help you get there.

Monthly Bookkeeping

How much time does your treasurer spend each month recording payments, reconciling accounts, and generating reports? Does your board get clean and concise statements in advance of each board meeting? Was there a “gap” in your accounting that you need to catch up from?

Corrigan Consulting can provide monthly bookkeeping without the fuss. I work specifically with residential communities to make sure owners have reliable information in a format that makes sense.

Third-party bookkeeping and reconciliation gives you greater assurance that records are accurate and consistent.

Flat rate billing available, including cloud-based accounting software to keep your data secure and accessible.

Budgeting & Planning

The most critical decision a board of directors needs to make each year is setting the budget and assessment rates for the following year. Make sure your community is following good forecasting practices, managing risk, and not over charging your members! A prudent budget requires integrating information about past costs, future trends, and capital replacement needs. There is no need to rely on special assessments when proper planning can keep you on an even keel.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to start thinking about planning and budgeting. Now is the perfect time to take a look at the future of your home.

Board Training

So, who wants to run for the board? Condominiums, cooperatives, and HOA’s offer many advantages to residents, but each association is only as strong as the group of people who show up. That’s democracy in action!

Corrigan Consulting can keep your board running smoothly by giving members the skills and knowledge to:

  • Plan and facilitate good meetings.

  • Maintain accountability for individual tasks and responsibilities.

  • Ethically and legally balance personal and group interests.

  • Mediate conflicts between board members and unit owners.

Trainings can be adapted your group’s particular needs and schedule.