Groups I Work With

Community Businesses

I have helped a variety of local businesses manage and improve their financial systems, including those in grocery, real estate, bicycle retail/repair, and design/build. Starting and growing a local or social-mission business involves many logistical hurdles, but bookkeeping and financial management need not be one of them.


Non-profits of all stripes need solid and affordable financial systems and organizational plans. I have worked with a variety of groups including arts & culture, community activism, schools, religious, youth development, and solidarity economy. Non-profits often have unique needs in board training, financial planning, and bookkeeping. I have worked with many start-ups as well, to ensure that financial and compliance systems are in-place from the beginning, rather than trying to catch-up years later.

What Clients Have To Say

Our records were a mess from a previous bookkeeper and Corrigan helped us get them in order and trained our staff to do in house bookkeeping going forward. Widely knowledgable about areas of organizational management, compliance, financing, and real estate. Corrigan is the thoughtful kind of bookkeeper.

Steven, open produce

During the initial years of our small, independent school, Corrigan walked me through managing payroll, paying taxes, and general bookkeeping practices using our accounting software. I am a teacher, but also had to take on bookkeeping as part of launching a new school. He is patient and makes things understandable. He helped us navigate the accounting and administrative tasks during our stressful beginnings.



Corrigan worked thoughtfully and diligently with our 12-unit residential co-op in all aspects of a challenging loan refinancing process. He combines the skills of a careful listener and analytical thinker with broad knowledge of the dynamics of housing cooperatives. He helped us not only obtain a loan in difficult circumstances but explained our options...and their each step of the process.

Wilfred, Evergreen Co-op

Resident-Owned Communities

I work with residential communities including housing cooperatives, condominium associations, intentional communities, and tenant organizations implement sound financial and accounting systems to improve efficiency and trust in day-to-day operations. When people come together to managed their homes and common spaces, transparency and shared understanding are key. This may include outsourcing your bookkeeping, regular trainings for your board of directors or treasurer, and re-evaluating governance structures.

I also help residential groups with long-term planning, budgeting, capital reserve planning, property acquisition and financing, and loan refinancing.